Cody is a wonderful gift from the Pekay breeding. Cody arrived as a very sweet puppy with a great intuition and a
huge Golden heart. As with most people’s firsts, we made most of our mistakes with Cody. “Poor Cody!” We tried
conformation. Cody did well but hated showing. He enjoyed all the other dogs in the ring more! So with his limited
showing we tried obedience. We did fairly well but he still loved the other dogs more! This was not good for long sits
and downs.    

Cody retired from the public eye and has filled our life with much joy. He earned his CGC and on occasion visits
hospitals as a therapy dog making patients and staff smile.

It was one day, in his own back yard, at the ripe old age of 11years, that Cody discovered his passion. After much
drooling and whining from behind the screen door, he was set free to retrieve a fresh pheasant we were training our
other dogs with. With a smile on his face and happy heart, he delivered the pheasant to my hand like he had been
doing this forever! Since his newfound passion, Cody has enjoyed many days in the field and at live pheasant
shoots, all with his own natural ability.

Thank you so much Pat Klausman and Kitty Cathey for all your attention to the “hunting gene” which we so
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Baby Cody
At the bridge and always remembered